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Screws for Plastic and Other Low Density Materials

FIXPLTITE45 screws represent the most recent refinement of the cost savings and performance capabilities of helical technology for the assembly of plastic components. Helps fill plastics collapses between lobes using the natural flexibility and creep properties of the helical plastique. This will help the locking element lock in place by providing the available torque if the fastener is attempted to be removed. Years of research have revealed that extraordinary performance can be achieved by combining the spiral shape with the following features.

Hardened and tempered screws are much stronger than plastic, so if the assembly becomes overtight, the plastic will usually give way and go out. The ribbon that will go out on the plastic in a cylinder will be plastic, which is more resistant to coming out than the more nuts in the cylinder. For this reason, the large thread spacing of fix-pit screws increases the mounting force when the tension is reduced.

FIXPLTITE 45 screws are the perfect balance between application needs and efficient manufacturing for consistent performance.